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Parmesan cheese (cushions with parmesan)

Parmesan cheese (cushions with parmesan)

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It took: heat the water. Put flour, yeast in a bowl, add warm water, salt, margarine, sugar and knead well.

(on the blog where I took the recipe is another method of preparing the dough, I made the simple version and it came out just as well) Leave to rise for 1 hour 30 minutes (until it doubles in volume)

After the dough has risen, we put it on the work surface and spread a not very thin sheet, we put the grated Parmesan cheese on the sheet and we use the rolling pin to enter the dough.

Then roll the sheet and cut 2 cm shapes.

Put in the baking paper tray and let it rise for 1 hour.

After they have grown, grease them with a mixture of an egg with 100 ml of milk and press sesame seeds.

Bake for 15 minutes, until golden brown.



Nagyon finom lehet, de a férjemet kikergetném vele a világból :))

Hello dear, what a beautiful recipe with delicious and refined ingredients.
I take note, thank you and happy day

Bianka, a ferjem pedig nagyon szereti.

Lady, thank you. Happy day to you too.

On my word, if I knew what carcciofii are called in Romanian. and artichoke seems like a very strange word to me! Anyway, what you made of artichokes and shrimps looks great, I'm already hungry! A kiss.

Yes, that's what Gabriela is called. It is delicious and very easy to make (it takes longer to clean :-))
A big kiss to you too.

Refined and early interesting dishes, with the name of "quotstranut", I'm kidding, thank you for delighting us with such recipes. We tried some of them, we also have photovoltaics and we managed to feel good for our taste buds in the house. As many as possible.

I am very happy that you are trying my recipes Ionel, and that you like them.
I wish you a good day.

I once made shrimp with loboda (that plant similar to spinach but red), but although they turned out delicious the look was a little strange so I did not post the recipe. yours looks good, good! bravo my dear

Maybe these don't look very good either, but the taste was definitely perfect. Kiss you dear Sarah.

Fairs, festivals, fairs.

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3. ARIES FUDULI / ROTOCOLS AND MOMITS (Triumf restaurant - ditto)
5. GRILLED BEEF (Bumbesti restaurant)
6. BEEF TAIL SOUP AND GRILLED FRYING -sorry- & ltPIZDULICE & beef gt. (this wonderful piece of muscle is from the abductors of the thigh, it is a red muscle with points of tallow having the texture of SIBIU. it is the lion's share and the legal property of slay. ALL THESE GOODNESSES were served in establishments called ZAHANA so as not to be confused.

These Wallachian culinary wonders and not only, were at prices for. empty pockets. Today they are very rare and in the same restaurants you can find: Lasagna, Shrimp, shaormale, Valdostane, CAPRESI, as well as the famous & ltspaghetti milanesi & gt which after the confession of an Italian restaurateur from & ltLa brace-Sinaia & gt, IT DOES NOT EXIST IN ITALY !?!

What can I promise, the current Mustards with reeds, autumn vegetables, doubtful must by the glass, Metro pastrama potroaca at prices of 2EUR / 100 gr.

I hope for the restoration of national gastronomy. Traiasca Pastorel & # 33

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The cheese is: Cascavea vita, salted urda sheep, kneaded sheep cheese, telemea sheep, basica with kneaded cheese, kneaded cheese in fir bark. Prices between 4 Eur-7Eur
The pastrami is homemade, salty or more raw. Price between 3.5 Eur - 5 Eur.
Gingerbread with food coloring E.
Landscape of mustard with Ursus draft beer-0.5 Eur / glass or bottle 1 Eur./pc.
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My cat wishes you a peaceful week & # 33


Do you feel like something traditional, like at home with your mother or grandmother? Choose to order from Moroșanu 'for an authentic Romanian taste, which will take you directly to the lands of childhood. Polenta, sarmale, trout, and many other recipes like at home!

3 eggs, cheese, bacon, onion, red pepper, greens, salt, pepper

3 eggs accompanied by pieces of telemea and toast

cheese, telemea, 2 boiled eggs, red onions, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers

Three eggs, ham and cheese folded with greens and tomatoes

Chicken breast, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, onions, peppers, dressing

Three slices of pita greased with lard, tomatoes and onions.

Bacon, jumari, kaiser, cheese, smoked sausages, telemea, tomatoes, onions

Zucchini stuffed with mozzarella, rosyy cherry, spicy salami and basil

(onions, carrots, parsley, celery, potatoes, bell peppers, cabbage, beef) 500 ml

(belly, carrots, garlic, samntana) 500 ml

(beans, ciolan, pork, vegetables) 500 ml.

(sausages, ribs, sauerkraut, sour cream) 500 ml.

Grilled trout served with polenta and mujdei

Sauteed chicken liver in a pan and serve with polenta

SKU Gypsy nape with sliced ​​potatoes

Mixture of beef and pork, egg, tomatoes, cucumbers, salad, chedar, onion and sauce

Spicy chicken wings flavored with a drop of coffee 500g

Chicken leg glazed with honey and mustard - 500g

Sarmale with ribs and sausages served on a polenta bed

With mushroom sauce and parsley

Serve with mustard and golden potatoes

Served with polenta and mujdei

Chicken breast with tomato sauce, wine, garlic, basil and sour cream

the house specialty, served with hot pepper and garlic jam

Mix of vegetables and chicken with greens served with polenta

Pork with vegetables, hot peppers and herbs 500g

Baked pork drizzle with barbeque sauce and baked potatoes

Medallions on a bed of green beans with mushroom sauce 300/150 g

Glazed with soy sauce, honey and garlic served with sweet cabbage 500g

Diced pork, chicken, beef, sausages, onions, peppers, tomatoes, cheese and egg, served with polenta


  • 300 g cleaned and boiled shrimp
  • 30 g butter
  • 70 g white wine
  • curry
  • soup
  • parsley


May, but either put them on the plate or not. beautiful presentation!

Nagyon guszta, bár a férjemet kikergetném a világból :)))

Beautiful and delicious!

Solar and many week smiling :)

Wow Judy, I really like your Fufi, I generally like animals and Fufi seems real. take care of him and I fed him :) kiss you and have a weekend full of joy.

A delicious and refined dish with a beautiful presentation. A kiss darling

My dear, congratulations on the well-deserved awards and thank you with all my heart for thinking of me. A big hug

Mmmmm! But what goodness, rice and shrimp, my favorite dish! Very good dear! A kiss!

Geta, thank you very much. you're so cute. Kiss you.

Bianka, a férjed nem szereti.
A férjem pedig oda van érte. Kószi szépen.

Enikö, thank you very much my dear. I kiss you too.

Lady, thank you very much. you are an Angel !!

Then dear Gabriela you are welcome. I'm waiting for you.

P.S: It is possible that on July 24 we will pass through Turin. I would be very happy if we saw each other ... what do you say. (not sure yet, sure. if I find cheaper tickets then no) I'll kiss you my dear.

good, your curry must have come out! artistic!

delicious and beautiful, the photos are beautiful and those shrimp tempt me.

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