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Guitar Cake

Guitar Cake

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Guitar body:

The broken chocolate pieces melt together with the butter over low heat or in the microwave. Then mix until the composition becomes creamy. Add the sugar and mix until well incorporated and melted. Then follow the eggs one by one, mixing well after each one. At the end we incorporate flour mixed with cocoa, baking powder and orange powder.

The obtained composition is poured into a tray (25/35 cm) lined with baking paper and put in the oven over medium heat for about 40 minutes. Remove the baking tray from a grill and leave to cool.

For the claw I baked another countertop from the same ingredients and quantities. I cut a strip, and I used the rest of the countertop for a cake that I think I will show you soon.


Melt the chocolate over low heat with the whipped cream. Bring to the boil, set aside and mix well. Refrigerate for a few hours, until it cools very well and hardens.

Mix a little until the cream becomes fluffy, then incorporate the mascarpone that I mixed separately with the vanilla sugar.

The sugar is caramelized and then "quenched" with water. Leave to cool until the caramel melts.

The top is cut to form the body of the guitar, then cut in half. We will do the same with the claw band.

We will syrup the tops, then we will put the cream between them. Put in a cool place until we prepare the whipped cream and cream for decoration.

Before decorating the cake, we will cover it in a thin layer of whipped cream. (~ 100 ml)

For deck, head and sound hole:

Melt the chocolate together with the whipping cream and butter. Homogenize and leave to cool.

For the sides of the guitar

Mix the whipped cream until it becomes fluffy, then add the cocoa and mix well.

For the guitar body:

Mix the whipped cream until it becomes fluffy, then add the coffee and mix well.

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The cobza is a stringed musical instrument, similar to the guitar, with a very convex sounding board, used mainly for accompaniment. The cobza is played by pinching the strings. The connection between the cob and the man cold is the sound level it emits. While the cobza is recognized as an instrument that sounds very loud, so is the cold person who makes loud noises through coughing or possibly sneezing. So hence the expression is "cooled cobza".

Another Romanian expression is also derived from the sounds of the cobza, “to make a cobza”, which means “to get very drunk”, because it is known that drunk people, in general, also make a scandal after consuming several glasses of alcohol.

Guitar Cake - Recipes

Simple, fast and inexpensive methods that give an attractive final look to desserts

One of the most common questions in confectionery is, "How can I increase productivity with the staff I have at the moment?"
The solutions for solving this theme are multiple! In the following, we will refer only to one of the practical solutions in the field, namely the ways of portioning the finished products.
As the range of confectionery products includes a very varied assortment, a common problem is their portioning. For this reason, we are looking for ways to work as simple and fast as possible, as inexpensive as possible and which, at the same time, can give a special final look to desserts that require portioning.
On the one hand, manual portioning requires the allocation of a larger number of people, but also longer working hours. On the other hand, there are quite a few such products that require the portioning operation. Under these conditions, the question is increasingly asked what solutions exist to solve this issue, without additional production costs and without requiring very large investments. Of course, the most efficient portioning solutions are the automated ones, which ensure high productivity, but which also require investments according to the technologies used.

One of the affordable solutions is to use Guitar-type portioning devices, a simple and economical option. Thus, the portioning made by the classic knife can be replaced with these devices, also called Guitar, whose cutting speed is given by the operating speed of the operator. The advantages are: short working hours, fewer operators involved, the fact that, by a single actuation of the device, a multitude of equal portions are obtained, at the desired dimensions, and the certainty that the products will always have the same dimensions and shapes. perfect.
These devices have also been nicknamed the Guitar or Lira, in some cases due to the fact that the cut is made by means of stainless steel wires, similar to guitar strings or other musical instruments with strings, and the sound emitted when walking your fingers on these "strings", but and when portioning the products, it is a melodious one, which makes you think of the sound of such musical instruments.
Because the products that require portioning are so different in texture, composition and consistency, there are various variants of these Guitar type devices. Being designed and made for portioning a wide variety of products, from soft or creamy, to the most consistent or even frozen, the model must be chosen depending on the type of products and the level of productivity.

Guitar -Vertical portioning device

Vertical portioning device

Why vertical portioning? Because portioning with this device is done by moving the cutting grid from top to bottom, its wires acting in the same direction when portioning the product.
The device is designed for low productivity, and can be used both in confectionery laboratories, chocolate shops and restaurants. Due to their small size, these devices can be kept in small spaces and used only when these operations are necessary.
Vertically cut guitars are suitable for slicing soft or creamy products, but have a higher consistency, but can not be used for slicing frozen products, chocolate plates, hard products in general.
This type of Guitar can work with one or two cutting grids. For variants with a grid, the operator, after a first portioning, must rotate the product 90 degrees and then perform a second portioning. For variants with two grids, the product is positioned on the base of the device after which the two grids are actuated successively, and the product is portioned without the need to rotate it.
To obtain products of various sizes, there are specific portioning grids, with different spaces between the cutting wires. Thus, you can opt for the model without grids, which can be ordered separately, depending on the desired dimensions, or for the model with 1, 2, 3 or even 4 standard grids.

Guitar & # 8211 Horizontal portioning device

Horizontal portioning device

Why horizontal portioning? Because portioning with this device is done by manually operating a flywheel that pushes the working plane of the machine, and the product positioned on it passes through the cutting grid. Thus, the cutting is done by moving the plane horizontally, the grid wires acting in the same direction when portioning the product.
This type of Guitar is designed for working with a single cutting grid and is suitable for medium-high productivity. Designed for these capabilities, there are, in addition to mechanically operated guitars, semi-automatic, electrically operated. The latter have the advantage that the cutting speed is constant and adjustable and does not depend on the operator's speed. It also saves time because, during cutting, the operator can prepare the next load of product.
The horizontally cut guitar uses short wire cutting grids, which have a higher mechanical strength. Due to the use of this type of grids, the range of products that can be portioned is much larger than the vertical guitar.
These may include: soft or creamy products, but with a high consistency, ganaj, homemade chocolate and other creamy chocolate products, mousses, semi-cold or frozen products, jellies and marzipan, products containing nuts, almonds or other types of Dried fruits…
Another advantage over the Vertical Guitar is the larger cutting surface, allowing the portioning of products with dimensions of 60x60cm or even 97x50cm.
And in this case, the portioning grids have different sizes between the cutting wires, and they are chosen by the operators, depending on the shape of the finished products.
With both types of Guitar, the replacement of the cutting grids is quick and easy, in just 15 seconds.
In conclusion, once the range of products suitable for working with these devices is identified, the portioning with the two types of Guitar is done perfectly, quickly and easily, while reducing the working time and staff required for these operations.
Despite the fact that they are much more attractive in terms of investment (with prices between 400 and 2,700 euros) compared to high-productivity automatic machines, however, they are not a solution for portioning any type of product.

Ultrasonic slicing machine

Ultrasonic machines cut the product straight or at various angles, directly from the tray, on the plate or on the conveyor belt.

For operators who want to achieve truly extraordinary results and portion large quantities of products, without worrying about their consistency or texture, our recommendation goes to ultrasonic machines.
Using a blade that achieves up to 35,000 vibrations per second, the cut is extremely precise, the large number of vibrations minimizing contact with the product.
Having the advantage that they can cut both straight and from various angles (very useful aspect especially for cakes or round cakes) ultrasonic machines also impress with speed, being able to make a cut every 1.5 seconds. They are also equipped with cutting blade cleaning stations, ensuring a high level of hygiene throughout the process.
It is also worth mentioning that, due to the extraordinary technology used, the pressing force required for cutting is reduced by about 90%, compared to the classic process, and the ultrasonic system can perfectly cut the pieces of chocolate, pistachio or hazelnut found in the cake.
All the mentioned advantages, together with the fact that, through this method of portioning, the losses are reduced to a minimum, make this car an excellent choice, but the investment is commensurate, the budget required for the purchase exceeding 70,000 euros.

The importance of dental hygiene for you and those around you

Proper daily oral hygiene is the only way to eliminate bacterial plaque and prevent it from accumulating before it can cause problematic and annoying disorders such as halitosis, cavities and periodontal disease.

In order to ensure a perfect cleaning, as well as keeping the teeth and gums in excellent condition, it is essential to implement an action strategy every day, which starts with the correct choice and use of the most effective oral hygiene tools. It is necessary to mechanically remove food residues after each meal with a toothbrush and floss, to ensure complete and long-lasting protection. In addition, going to the dentist's office regularly should be a practice you should not neglect. You can choose gusset Omega Omnident, if you have medical emergencies, which do not suffer from delay.

For good dental hygiene, the dentist can help educate the patient in the correct use of the tools available according to different needs, but also based on age and oral condition.

The number one enemy of tooth and gum health is plaque. It is a threat that often remains even after brushing your teeth well. The problem is partly caused by toothbrushes, poor technique, but also the shape of the mouth & # 8211 different from case to case & # 8211 which makes the plaque accumulate every day in hard to reach areas with a traditional toothbrush. The most commonly affected areas are those in and along the gingival border and those between the interdental spaces, which are also most commonly associated with gingivitis and periodontal disease: then we must insist on effective brushing action, but also soft, because it is the gums, so a tissue that could be damaged by too aggressive an action.

For this purpose, there is a brushing technique, recommended precisely for a more precise hygiene of the interdental spaces, which suggests a positioning of the toothbrush oriented at 45 ° in relation to the gum margin. But the type of toothbrush used can also make a difference. To solve the problem of delicate and difficult to brush areas, you can use a more efficient toothbrush, which is made of traditional and extremely tapered brushes. The latter, thanks to a terminal diameter of only 0.01 mm, are able to easily remove the bacterial layer under and along the gingival border and to penetrate the interdental spaces at a greater depth.

There are other methods of dental care that you can do at home. In addition to brushing your teeth, at least twice a day, although it would be ideal to do this after every meal, you must also pay attention to nutrition. The first step to treating our teeth naturally is to follow a proper diet. If, on the one hand, sugary foods are bad for the teeth, on the other hand, there are several foods that can help us prevent toothache and have good oral hygiene. Here are some examples that will allow us to treat our teeth in a natural way, without spending a fortune.

1. Carrots and apples. If we eat them raw, they allow us to clean our teeth naturally and prevent gum problems as much as possible.

2. The blueberries. According to research, blueberries could reduce plaque formation, protecting the health of teeth. The active ingredients, contained in blueberries, could prevent the deposition of bacteria that cause damage to the teeth.

3. Citrus. Consumption of orange, grapefruit or lemon juice is an excellent way to strengthen the gums and prevent inflammation, pain and bleeding gums. Citrus fruits, among others, are rich in vitamin C, very important for our immune system.

4. Green tea. Contains polyphenols, which counteract plaque and contribute to daily oral hygiene. So, a cup of green tea is good for our teeth.

5. Garlic and onion. It may sound strange, but these two foods, which we generally use for spices, also help with dental hygiene. Their antibacterial properties destroy germs, disinfect the mouth and reduce the risk of toothache.

6. Milk. Drinking regularly helps to strengthen the teeth because it is rich in calcium. It is a nutritious component that is fundamental in the development of teeth in children and prevents the formation of cavities in adults.

Why your dental hygiene is important to you and others

The mouth is an open cavity on the outside: this allows bacteria to use it as a "door".

entry into the body. The bacterium responsible for periodontal disease can enter the bloodstream and can generate an inflammatory response with changes away from the oral cavity. These include cardiovascular disease and even pregnancy problems.

During periodontal disease there is the production of mediators of inflammation, which are able to reach the circulatory system and cause vascular damage at a distance. This involves the release of endothelial cells (which align the arteries, veins and capillaries), substances that contribute to the deposition of lipoproteins and cholesterol in the vascular walls of the arteries, making them less elastic and therefore increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Untreated disease in pregnant women can be a risk factor for premature births. The mechanism that leads to this is the result of the production of toxins by bacteria and the mediation of substances produced by the mother's body, such as prostaglandins and interleukin. A high level of these substances in the genitourinary tract can stimulate birth.

In other words, take care of your teeth and your family. It's more important than you think!

Kurt Cobain's guitar was sold at auction for $ 6 million, a record

The guitar used by Kurt Cobain during the recordings at the famous "Unplugged" concert of Nirvana, in 1993, was sold on Saturday, at an auction organized by Julien's house, for 6 million dollars, a record for a guitar. The buyer, who was present at the sales session organized in Beverly Hills (California), is the Australian entrepreneur Peter Freedman, founder of Rode Microphones, according to a statement from Julien & # 39s, quoted by AFP.

Freedman has announced that it will present the instrument in several cities around the world, and the proceeds from the exhibitions will go to charities to support the world of entertainment. The price, of 6 million dollars with taxes included, is much above the starting one, set by the house at one million dollars.

At present, the most expensive guitar in the world was a Fender Stratocaster, named "Black Strat" ​​and used by Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour. It was sold by the musician for $ 3.975 million at an auction organized in June 2019 by Christie's House, for the benefit of charitable causes.

Kurt Cobain's semi-acoustic guitar, sold on Saturday, is a rare model, the D-18E, made by American luthier Martin in 302 copies, dating from 1959. The guitar complied with the rules of the "Unplugged" show of the American channel MTV, which the artists do not invite. they used only acoustic or semi-acoustic instruments.

The "Unplugged" concert, recorded in New York on November 18, 1993, is the culmination of Nirvana, one of the most prominent rock groups of the 1990s, which imposed the grunge movement.

Kurt Cobain, who is depressed and addicted to heroin, committed suicide six months after this performance, on April 5, 1994. The guitarist and singer-songwriter did not see the album "Unplugged", which won first place since its release in November 1994. According to the magazine. Billboard, the record has reached over 5 million children in the United States.

The guitar was sold with the case, personalized by Kurt Cobain, as well as luggage storage tickets. At the end of October 2019, the famous olive green sweater worn by Kurt Cobain during the same "Unplugged" concert was sold for $ 334,000, as part of an auction organized by Julien's Auctions.

What your profile picture must have on social media accounts to attract the world

& ldquoVaaaai, what a big and beautiful guitar this guy has! & rdquo & ndash this is an almost universally valid reaction to the sight of this instrument in your photo. You don't even have to worry about learning to play the guitar, since you show up with one. Just hold it in your hand and it's still enough to turn heads online & ndash, according to a study commissioned by Facebook and published by

History, by the way, shows us that a serenade under the balcony of any woman works wonders and sooner or later she will reach your bed. Thus, modern sociological studies show that a guy's musical abilities increase his chances in front of a woman and make him appear much sexier. Concret, un site de socializare a trimis 50 de cereri de prietenie unor femei &ndash cu un tip dotat cu trasaturi fizice impecabile, dar fara chitara, si altor 50 &ndash acelasi profil, cu fix aceleasi trasaturi, dar cu o chitara langa tipul in cauza. Rezultatele au fost ca doar 5 femei din 50 au raspuns cererii de prietenie trimise de tipul fara chitara, in timp ce tipului cu chitara i-au raspuns 14 doamne.

Exact precum paunii al caror penaj nu prea foloseste la nimic, practic, nici cantatul la un instrument nu ajuta pe nimeni la modul concret sa supravietuiasca (doar daca nu faci o meserie din asta). Insa femeile nu raman indiferente la calitatile melomane ale barbatilor si subconstientul lor lucreaza intens in acest sens. Este foarte posibil ca subconstientul sa primeasca semnale cum ca respectivul mascul are gene mai bune sau ca, pur si simplu, este vorba despre un tip multi-talentat. Studiile de specialitate mai arata ca distanta dintre degetul mare si inelar este mai redusa, semn al prezentei testosteronului in sange. Asadar, s-ar putea ca abilitatile muzicale sa fie asociate cu ideea de barbatie.

A murit Mike Mitchell. Muzician era cunoscut pentru solo-ul de chitară din „Louie Louie” a trupei The Kingsmen

Mike Mitchell, muzician cunoscut pentru solo-ul de chitară din piesa &bdquoLouie Louie&rdquo a trupei The Kingsmen, a murit la vârsta de 77 de ani, anunţă BBC. Membru fondator al trupei, Mitchell a murit în ziua în care a împlinit 77 de ani, pe 16 aprilie, a confirmat bateristul Dick Peterson pentru revista Rolling Stone.

&bdquoEl a fost cel mai bun şi generos om de pe planetă&rdquo, a spus Peterson, care face parte din grup începând cu 1963. &bdquoÎn ultimii 57 de ani, am cântat la târguri şi festivaluri, la show-uri rock n&rsquo roll prin SUA. Mike este de neînlocuit şi îi va fi simţită lipsa nu doar de noi, ci şi de fani. Mike era preferat pentru firea lui comică, cât şi pentru arta muzicală&rdquo.

Grupul The Kingsmen a fost fondat în Portland (Oregon), în 1959, iar după patru ani a înregistrat cel mai mare succes, cu piesa &bdquoLouie Louie&rdquo, variantă a compoziţiei din 1957 a lui Richard Berry. Cover-ul a petrecut şase săptămâni pe locul al doilea în topul american, mulţumită, în parte, versurilor aşa-zise obscene care au atras atenţia FBI. Piesa era nelipsită din concertele trupei.

Tatăl unei adolescente care cumpărase înregistrarea i-a scris lui Robert Kennedy, care era atunci procuror general, şi s-a plâns de cele auzite pe disc. &bdquoVersurile sunt atât de murdare încât nu le pot include în această scrisoare. Cum putem elimina acest pericol?&rdquo.

Scrisoarea a atras după sine o anchetă FBI, dar după o analiză, cântecul a fost declarat &bdquoneinteligibil la orice viteză&rdquo şi a fost exonerat ca obscen. Între timp, în 1964, el fusese interzis în statul Indiana şi din asta a rezultat o creştere şi mai mare a vânzărilor.

Contribuţia lui Micthell la cântec a fost solo-ul de chitară, care a influenţat mulţi muzicieni. &bdquoAm învăţat să cânt la chitară datorită lui Mike Mitchell&rdquo, a spus Joe Walsh de la The Eagles ulterior veştii decesului muzicianului. &bdquoŞtiu fiecare solo al lui, greşeli şi toate cele. Pierdem tipii buni&rdquo.

Oregon Music Hall of Fame a adus un omagiu pe Facebook: &bdquoInterpretarea lui a devenit mai bună pe măsură ce a îmbătrânit&rdquo. Trupa a suferit mai multe modificări de componenţă chiar după lansarea single-ului de succes. Mitchell a continuat cu lineup-ul nou, lansând în anii 1960 piese ca &bdquoMoney (That's What I Want)&rdquo, cover, şi &bdquoJolly Green Giant&rdquo.

În 1968, grupul s-a destrămat, dar a revenit la finalul anilor 1970, după ce pe coloana sonoră a filmului &bdquoAnimal House&rdquo a fost introdusă &bdquoLouie Louie&rdquo, prezentată astfel unei noi generaţii. The Kingsmen a continuat să susţină turnee până în anii 2010.

Piesa &bdquoLouie Louie&rdquo a fost cântată în peste 1.000 de variante şi, după &bdquoYesterday&rdquo a The Beatles, este melodia care a cunoscut cele mai multe reinterpretări. Compozitorul ei, Richard Berry, nu a reuşit iniţial să se bucure de succesul financiar. El a vândut drepturile de publicare în 1957 pentru a-şi plăti nunta. În 1986, a obţinut un oarecare control asupra ei şi şi-a vândut partea pentru o sumă substanţială în 1992.

Înregistrarea The Kingsmen a fost apreciată de Rock and Roll Hall of Fame şi de Grammy Hall of Fame, în timp ce revista Rolling Stone a plasat-o pe locul 55 în lista celor mai bune 500 de cântece din toate timpurile.

Mitchell a declarat, în 1999, într-un interviu radio că nu este deranjat de faptul că The Kingsmen era definit de acest cântec. &bdquoEram bucuroşi să avem orice fel de succes, ca să putem face asta încă. Cariera pe care am avut-o este chiar minunată&rdquo.

12 lucruri pe care nu le știi despre “Ace de prăjituri” Duff Goldman

Îl cunoști pe Duff Goldman ca pe un tip care poate sculpta ceva din tort (Betty White ședinței într-un fotoliu înconjurat de câini), dar ceea ce nu știi despre proprietarul Charm City Cakes și bucătarul-șef pe NBC’s Luptătorii de alimente, premieră la 2 iulie la ora 8:00. ET-vă va surprinde chiar mai mult decât creațiile sale mai mari decât viața.

1. Probabil că nu ar fi la televizor astăzi dacă nu ar fi de acord să lupte împotriva ninjelor pentru un spectacol de scenă live Tu, să ne coacem.

“Nu a fost deloc ceea ce a fost un spectacol de gătit obișnuit, în stand-and-stir”, spune Goldman. “Am avut niște ninjas încercând să mă lupte cu mine în timp ce găteam, am fi ieșit în cântec … Era foarte mult în valea lui Monty-Python-meets-Adam-Sandler”.

Un prieten a avut un teatru în Baltimore și a sugerat ideea, deoarece Goldman a fost proaspăt afară din școala culinară. Un alt prieten a înregistrat-o și a trimis filmul către fratele lui Goldman, care a fost producător ER.

“Fratele meu a văzut-o și a fost ca” wow, ești de fapt un bun artist de divertisment “,” care a dus la crearea unui demo tambur, cumpărături în jurul valorii de, și eventual aterizare pe Food Network.

2. Era într-o bandă emo numită “Romantismul de două zile” – și aproape că și-a schimbat cursul întregii vieți.

Goldman a cântat chitara bas și, așa cum trupa a început să facă aburi, a făcut spectacole pentru Sony și o vitrină cu Linkin Park, a fost rugat să audieze pentru o altă bandă din Seattle. “Am incercat si am mers bine, dar au decis sa mearga cu altcineva”, explica el. “Deci m-am întors în Baltimore și am deschis o brutărie.”

3. Ace de prăjituri– și, într-o oarecare măsură, Charm City Cakes – a fost de fapt un proiect lateral.

Detinerea propriei fabrici de brutarie ia oferit lui Goldman flexibilitatea de a face turnee cu trupa sa, facand prăjituri (și câștigând bani în plus) când nu era pe drum. “Așa a fost construită brutăria – a fost o grămadă de tipi în trupe de rock și jazz care doreau să urmeze o carieră rock”, spune el. “Nu încercam să fim buni la televizor, încercam să fim buni în trupe.”

4. Coloana sonoră actuală a vieții sale este o aruncare între două melodii: “Zeppelin’s Led”Când piciorul se oprește“și”Firework.”

De ce Led Zeppelin: “Boom-ul, puterea, bataia mare a tamburului sună ca mine pe scurt – așa mă apropii de viață.

De ce Katy Perry: “Focul de artificii” este despre a sapa adanc in voi si a merge, “ascultati, omule, tot ce am ales sa fac, asta am ales si eu voi fi cel mai bun la el”. ”

5. CV-ul lui include atât McDonald’s, cât și Spălătorii franceze.

Când a intervievat pentru prima sa slujbă în mese fina, el a scapat când proprietarul a spus că nu știe cum să gătească. “Mi-a plăcut” Ce vrei să spui? Pot să fac 12 Big Mac-uri într-un minut! “Goldman glumește.

6. A crescut într-un oraș numit Sandwich.

De fapt, el sa născut să se afle în afacerea alimentară.

7. A făcut toate prăjiturile pentru videoclipul liric “Zi de naștere” al lui Katy Perry.

“A fost minunat audierea viziunii regizorului și ajutându-mă să-mi dau seama cum să se întâmple, cum ar fi:” Oh, unsorile vor ieși din unt, așa că lasă-mă să fac asta în glazura regală în loc de cremă de unt “, spune Goldman , a cărui echipă a făcut “o mulțime de prăjituri” pentru filmare. (Videoclipul conține toate liniile de despicate în deserturi.)

Nicu Covaci, o viață trăită în afara țării

Nicu Covaci a împlinit, pe 19 aprilie, vârsta de 74 de ani. S-a născut la Timișoara. Mama lui era croitoreasă și l-a crescut singură. Nicolae nu și-a cunoscut tatăl de cât la 11 ani, când acesta a fost eliberat din închisoare unde ajunsese ca deținut politic. De mic a fost atras de arte.

Nicu Covaci a început din copilărie să studieze pianul, acordeonul, dar şi limbile străine. Apoi a învăţat să cânte la muzicuţă şi a luat lecţii de chitară. A studiat la Liceul de arte plastice şi la Institutul de Arte Plastice din Timişoara.

Trupa „Phoenix” a fost un fenomen. Românii ascultau la nesfârșit pe tinerii pletoși, cu piese rock cu inflențe folk.
Au făcut turnee în ţară care au mărit popularitatea trupei. După emigrarea lui Moni Bordeianu, în toamna anului 1970, Nicu Covaci i-a luat în formaţie pe Cornel Liuba (tobe), Kovacs Zoltan ”Zoli” (bass) şi Laurenţiu Butoi (oboi, flaut).

În repertoriul formaţiei au apărut piese ca „Dorinţa”, „Aminteşte-ţi”, „Niciodată”, „Ochi de ţigan”. Formaţia a participat la a doua ediţie a Festivalului Club A, în 1971, unde a obţinut mai multe premii individuale de interpretare. După puţin timp, a fost cooptat Mircea Baniciu, ca solist.


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