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The First Cuban Product to Be Sold in the US Will Be Coffee

The First Cuban Product to Be Sold in the US Will Be Coffee

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Nespresso has announced that it will be bringing Cuban coffee to the United States for the first time in half a century

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Sorry guys: No Cuban cigars or rum quite yet.

Ever since President Obama opened up the borders to Cuba, people have been asking: When can we finally get (legal) Cuban products in the United States? The answer is, very soon and the first product will be coffee. Nespresso, a Swiss company, has announced that it will be selling the first Cuban coffee in America in over a half a century.

The coffee will first be sold as a limited edition, called Cafecito de Cuba, in stores, online, and over the phone, and then it will eventually become a regular product, according to USA Today.

"We're not looking at this as a short-term achievement," Guillaume Le Cunff, president of Nespresso USA told USA Today. "It's the starting point of a very long-term initiative. We're very optimistic that we can drive and build this project. Ultimately, we want consumers in the U.S. to experience this incredible coffee and to enjoy it now and for years to come."

Americans are hoping that other products, like Cuban rum and cigars, will be back on the U.S. market soon.